If your project involves any pipeline expansion, our professionally trained Asimpa team is prepared to deliver our services to complete the job efficiently and safely.

Our team is renowned for our dedication to safety, not only having safety as guidelines but as our culture. We also specialize in environmentally conscious practices so you can depend on Asimpa to provide your company and the earth with a win-win solution.


Asimpa is recognized nationwide as one of the safest and most reliable specialized Contractors in the Pipeline Industry. Based in Heflin, AL. Asimpa has successfully completed numerous projects in diverse niche markets throughout the Pipeline Industry. At Asimpa, every employee has the authority and obligation to stop any operation when concerns regarding the control of health, safety or environmental risks exist. You can count on Asimpa’s experienced TEAM to construct your Pipeline project safely and on time.

We service some of the nations largest Pipeline and Utility companies. ECP provides erosion control and filled sandbags nationwide, delivered and ready to use or mobilized on your site. We offer poly or burlap bags in various materials. We bag stemming’s for rock blasting. We can deliver bags or mobilize to your site.


  • Station Construction & Maintenance
  • Facility Construction & Maintenance
  • Valve Replacement
  • Hydro-static Testing/Hydro-tests
  • Line Relocation
  • DOT Class Upgrades
  • Re-coats
  • Anomaly Digs
  • Excavation of Creeks, Rivers, Ponds
  • Tie-Ins
  • FERC Regulated Projects


  • We understand relationships, reputation and safety are key in this industry.
  • We will be glad to discuss our outstanding safety record, previous and current projects and customers.
  • Sandbags
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Reclamation